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Dear Sir / Madam

Dear Crossbow-shooting friends

Please find attached, the October edition of the IAU Newsletter.

On behalf of the President Gérard Boutteville and the members of the IAU Executive Committee, we congratulate all competitors, organizers, sponsors, officials and volunteer helpers for making the 15th IAU World Championships in Avon, France such a resounding success.

Thank you everyone for your commitment and support.

Best regards, Chris Aston, IAU Web Editor

Photo galleries from the event in Avon can be found on the following websites courtesy of the FFTir (Gilles Dumery) and Mr. Jérôme Trouillet.

Unser Sport und unsere Traditionen müssen erhalten bleiben!
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> Hallo Karl - zu Ihrer Information - die besten Wünsche, Chris Aston
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> Grüezi Christopher

> Unser Sport und unsere Traditionen müssen erhalten bleiben!
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Subject: IAU 2010 WM Avon FRA

Hello Karl,

Here is the latest news regarding the IAU World Championship Avon 2010.

Best wishes, Chris

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From: Christopher Aston
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Subject: IAU News - NKB mobile targets ready to roll

Hello Karl,

Attached are some photos of the Netherlands Crossbow Association's mobile match-target range installation. The system made it's official competition débuted on February 6-7 at the Dring Sporthall in Zundert NED, during the NKB's Winter 20m Crossbow Finals. The IAU was represented by SG Charles Mechin and Match TC Chairman Christian Hunzinger. Charles and Christian were there on behalf of the FFTir and the 2010 IAU World Championships Organizing Committee to see the range in action. The same installation (with 32 stands) will be used for the 30m events in Avon this August.

A full report on the IAU's visit to Zundert will be posted on the IAU website. Full-size copies of photos are available on request.

With sporting regards, Chris

25th Anniversary Blintendorf Shooting-sports Centre, St. Veit, Austria

mobile match-crossbow target system





Poster Download


Ergebnisliste 2.Runde

Rundenwettkampf, Ranglistenwettkampf und mitlaufende WMQualifikation

IAU e-Newsletter - Issue: 01/2008

2007: World Championships Poster Download


IAU e-Newsletter - Issue: 14/2007
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IAU World Championships 2008

Dear crossbow-shooting colleagues,

The IAU Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the 14th IAU World Championships will take place in Sulgen, Switzerland on July 7-10, 2008. The Swiss Crossbow Federation (EASV) will be in charge for this event. A special organization committee has been founded and Markus Roth (pictured above) was elected as the president of this committee.

The 30m Match Crossbow World Championships will be integrated with the 2008 Thurgau Crossbow Festival in Sulgen, Switzerland. The arrangements for the 10 meter competitions have not yet been finalized. But it will be either in Wil or in a special temporary shooting range close to the 30meter event.

With regard to the Field-division events, this discipline is still a relatively new sport in Switzerland and has its own small organization which is independent of the EASV. On their own they do not have the recourses to organize a world championship in 2008. However, the IAU Executive Committee is currently making efforts to put together a joint collaboration with one or more European Field-crossbow Federations that will result in a combined Match and Field Crossbow World Championships next summer. The Czech Federation has already made an offer of practical assistance to the Swiss Field Crossbow Federation. Further information will be announced during the next few weeks.

In the meantime we ask all members of the IAU Match and Field Divisions to reserve the dates July 7-10 in your dairies for 2008. Members of the WCSA are also cordially invited to partipate as guests.

The President of the 2008 World Championships Organizing Committee Markus Roth has already circulated an Invitation Letter and Preliminary Program for the 2008 World Championships to all IAU Members. Addition information is available by visiting the IAU World Championships 2008 homepages.

With best wishes,
IAU Executive Committee

14. Matcharmbrust Weltmeistershaft in Sulgen SUI, July 2008



Armbrustwettkampf Salzburg

Laut Information des Schweizer, Walter Stutz, wurde vom 17. bis 20. Mai 2007 in Salzburg ein Armbrustwettkampf ausgetragen, an dem in-und ausländische Ländermannschaften teilnahmen.
Näheres, wie Ergebnislisten etc .. konnten trotz Bemühens nicht aufgebracht werden!
Schade, daß derartige Veranstaltungen nicht "österreichweit" bekannt sind!!!
der kärntner schütze


IAU e-Newsletter - Issue: 6/2007
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

IAU European Championships 2007


Following three months of intensive work by the Crossbow Union of Russia CUR, the Russian authorities have given their permission for the organization of the European Championships (IAU Field) in St. Petersbourg on September 17 to 23, 2007.

Pavel Kaszonyi, Chairman of the Field TC is currently making arrangements to visit St. Petersbourg at the beginning of April to meet with the championships organizing team which is lead by CUR President Mr. Alexander Verennia.Subject to approval of the championships venue and facilities by the IAU Technical Committee, the organizing committee will be sending the Official Invitations, Provisional Program and Entry Forms to all Member National Federations during April.The IAU Executive Committee regrets that it has not been possible to engage an Organizing Committee for the European Match-crossbow Championships in 2007. However, discussions have already taken place with potential Organizing Committees for combined Match and Field events in 2008 (World Championships) and 2009 (European Championships).

In the meantime, Member National Federations are asked to contact the IAU Secretary General
so that we can know how many Teams are able to take part in the Field-crossbow European Championships in St. Petersbourg.Please indicate the approximate numbers of shooters, and the name of your National Federation.

Kindly email your reply by MONDAY APRIL 2.

IAU Executive Committee

Match-crossbow Range Installations
On January 20, IAU Vice President Frans Fakkers met with members of the Netherlands Crossbow Association - NKB’s Technical Committee. The purpose of last month’s meeting was to discuss the development of mobile range installations for 30 meter Match-crossbow shooting.

Mobile ranges already exist in the Netherlands – but only for traditional 10 and 20 meter crossbow shooting. During the meeting, which took place in Zundert, tests were made to evaluate the system to see if it could be adapted for the international 30m discipline. The conclusion was that it would be possible. Such a system could be constructed from lightweight aluminium profiles, with the targets being electrically driven back-and -forth on rollers. This method eliminates the need for steel cables under strong tension (typically 600 kilos per cable) and heavy foundations. The mobile ranges already in use in the Netherlands are designed to be easy to erect with a minimum of labor. It is estimated that 30 sets of targets would require around 1000 kilos of aluminium section.

Following the meeting it was agreed that specifications and costings would be drawn up and the information made available for consideration by the IAU Executive Committee. Since the Netherlands Association is also in need of new 30 meter range facilities, NKB President Frans Fakkers will start negotiations with his national Department of Sport in an effort to obtain funding for development work.

The challenge facing the IAU is to find affordable ways to give mobility to 30 meter Match-crossbow events. When the IAU’s Match-crossbow World Championships came to England it involved transporting more that 140 tonnes of temporary range equipment from Austria.

It is hoped that the NKB’s project can provide a way forward for the IAU’s Match Division program in time for the 2008 season.


Internationale Armbrustschützen Union
50 Jahre

Das Jubiläum wurde im Hotel Minichmayr in Steyr im Rahmen der IAU - Generalversammlung wahrgenommen..........
Schautafeln im Foyer der Sporthalle Steyr

..... wer kennt ihn nicht
..... die Karikatur spricht für mehr als "tausend Worte"
..... Gottfried Diener, IAU-Ehrenpräsident, "80"
..... "50" Jahre Internationale Armbrustschützen Union